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What is Matched Betting?

matched betting

Matched Betting is a unique way of pulling out free bets that are quite often offered by different bookmakers. They start promoting these offers for enticing fresh gamblers to put a stake along with them. Let say that you put a bet of $25 with a bookmaker; you are likely to get $25 for free to bet. However, some also offer high bonuses that could be as much as 200% of the amount betted. To give you a detailed idea of how matched betting works here is something you need to understand and then apply practically to gain experience.

How does it work?

The first thing to do is kicks the definition of betting from your mind and follow these two important types of bet that explain about matched betting.

1: Back Bet

A back bet is known to be betting on a particular outcome to become true. For example, you say that “I bet that Australia will win.” This is known as backing the bet, and when it comes true, you will win a certain amount depending on how much you have betted. However, if Australia loses or Draws, you will lose the stake. Multiple platforms offer back bet offers like William Hill and Ladbrokes.

2: Lay Bet

The Lay Bet is typically known to bet against the outcome to come true. So in this scenario, you will be betting like “I bet that Australia will not win.” This is a lay bet and now if Australia loses or even draws you will win the stake. The best platform for a lay bet is Betfair. They have a great reputation.

The matched betting cancels the risk on a back bet at most of the online bookies by simply betting against the similar odds. In simple, you will be matching your bet.