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5 Things Not To Do If You Want To Keep Winning At Texas Hold’em Poker

You might be proud of your current wins in Texas Holdem but if you want to keep going higher and higher you must keep away from a few things:


  • Do not quit learning something new

You can’t keep winning at the poker table with the same old skills as before. You have to keep growing and keep advancing. Check out any new articles or books about poker that any poker experts write about.

  • Do not become lazy

You might be good now but if you do not keep it up you will be back to the bottom of the ladder in no time. Texas Hold’em is a simple game but one that keeps advancing every day. You need to get ahead of the game. You might even come up with a few tricks yourself and become recognized for it.

  • Do not become a roud winner

No one likes to lose but better to lose to a humble winner than a proud braggart. Buying a round of drinks for your opponents after a game can go a long way. If you keep bragging your way around eventually, no one will want to play with you.

  • Don’t be afraid to fold

Many winning players are afraid that folding will be a sign they have lost their poker talent. You will have to fold sometimes when the odds are against you. There is no shame in stepping down once in a while. Knowing when to fold is one of the characteristics of good poker player especially in Holdem poker.

  • Do not bluff too many times

Bluffing too much allows your opponents to study and master your tell signs. 75% of Holdem poker wins are caused by a good bluff. If you can’t use bluffing to your advantage, you will start losing more games than you ever did at the beginning.

With those few pointers in mind, you will have an easier time rising to the top. Good luck!